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    Exporting File is too large, but compression is very bad quality

    curtdbz Level 1



      I have a movie that I've made in Adobe Premiere, but when I export it with no compression, just two minutes comes up to more than 5 gigs!!  The quality is great, lossless even, however to deal with the file size problem i've chosen to compress when exporting.  The thing is, no matter what compression I use, (I've tried divX, xvid, cinepex radius or something) they all seem to really make the quality bad.  I've tried various settings.  is there something that you guys can reccomend? 


      My footage is mainly people talking to each other, with movement restricted to walking.  Nothing fast like a sports event, or anything.  Thank you guys so much.  PS:  If this helps, I can leave my computer on for days, letting something encode if that makes it better quality while still keeping the file size low.