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    Dragging playback Cursor

    Chuck Burke

      Is it possible or could it be possible to "drag" the playback cursor to a specific point, set a marker and playback from there? It would help considerably in editing.


      It is entirely possible this feature exists, but I could not find it in the software, help files or on the forum. If it does not exist, I think it would be a great addition to audition.



      Chuck Burke

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          Not quite sure what you mean by "drag the cursor to a specific point" but you can place the cursor whereever you want by clicking clicking there and a marker can be dropped using F8 keyboard shortcut. Other keyboard shortcuts can be made to move backwards and forwards from one marker to another. And markers can be dropped on the fly during Playback using F8. Another usfull shortcut is the "[" and "]" keys which can be used to mark the start and end point of a selected region and can be used on the fly during playback.


          All available Keyboard shortcuts can be viewed and edited using "Alt+K" or from the Edit menu.

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            Chuck Burke Level 1

            Thank you ryclark for your prompt reply.  I appreciate it and will look into your suggestions.


            Let me see if I can explain what I want to do a different way. Say I have recorded a voice track. there are a couple of plosives, a lip smack or two and my wife started hollering for me. I want to edit out the wife hollering. ( Insert laugh here)


            I know how to zoom to selection. But what I am finding difficulty with is precision. In programs such as Reaper, or Sony Soundforge, one can drag the audio cursor to the closest point of edit, then using the arrow keys, "nudge" the cursor for more precision. Does this make sense so far?


            Having tried trial versions of most of the audio software for a PC, audition beats most of them. If I could find out how to resolve this one small challenge, it would be the program for me. I KNOW there must be a way........I just don't know what it is.


            Does this better explain what I am trying to do?


            Thank you in advance for your help.



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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              Yes you can use the L & R cursor keys to nudge the cursor. Where the cursor is positioned or how far the cursor moves on each nudge depends on how far you are zoomed in and what Display Time Format and Snapping units you have selected on the Time bar. Right click on the Time scale at the bottom of the Waveform display to see and set the options.


              It is always worth right clicking in all sorts of places on the Audition screens as lots of options are hidden this way.


              If you are after you make a selection you can move the end point left and right by holding the Shift key whilst you use the cursor keys. Also under keyboard shortcuts you can assign keys to move the Left and Right edges of a selection Left or Right. I use H,J,K and L for these.