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    current path


      I need an idiot-proof way of determining the current path of the template I’m working with.


      If I have a path C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\mysite\folder\index.cfm: How do I isolate the thing that it only gives me “folder” and NOTHING else? I tried getDirectoryFromPath, but I get an “all-or nothing- type result.


      Please, someone put it up in idiot-code what do I need to do to just get the value of the current folder I’m in and nothing else.

      Please don’t tell me use “x” function – I’ve tried a few but I’m at wit’s end!

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          Nathan Mische Level 1

          Here are two possible ways:


          <cfset dir = listLast(getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath()),"/") />

          <cfset dir = listGetAt(getCurrentTemplatePath(),listLen(getCurrentTemplatePath(),"/")-1,"/")/>


          You may need to change the list delimiter to "\" depending on your platform.



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            Jellyhead Level 1

            <cfset dir = listLast(getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath()),"/") />

            - does not work, gives me the same ol' same ol'


            <cfset dir = listGetAt(getCurrentTemplatePath(),listLen(getCurrentTemplatePath(),"/")-1,"/") />

            Works a treat!  This is what I was looking for - thank you, you are now the proud owner of a few beers next time you are in my hometown.