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    Constrain Proportions - Help


      I cannot "Constrain Proportions" on photos I am placing into a collage.

      The Constrain Proportions box under Image > Resize > Image Size IS checked but when I try to resize the photos larger/smaller to fit into the collage, the height and width both change. Thus, I cannot maintain the integrity of the proportion.

      Again, the box is checked. Something else is overriding that.

      Any ideas?


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          Joe Kid

          Rex, when the Constrain Proportions box is checked the height and width will both change, as they must to maintain the integrity of the proportion (aspect ratio). To change the aspect ratio of an image (without distortion) you need to crop it.

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            Rex1776 Level 1

            Joe, Thanks for your advice. This is Rex76 with a new ID.

            What I mean is: if the photo is W inches x H inches, when I drag the corner of the photo, I want the width (W) and height (H) to change by the same proportion so that the image in the photo does not become distorted. For example, W is 30% smaller and H is also 30% smaller and the image is not distorted, just smaller.

            I've tried this with the Constrained Proportions box checked and un-checked. Either way, the image is getting distorted. Because this distortion happens with the box checked or unchecked, I believe something else is overriding this.

            Do you have a clue what it might be?


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              Joe Kid Level 2

              When Constrain Proportions is checked a bracket with a chain link icon should display next to the Width and Height values, and the values should change proportionately. If it isn't working properly you could try deleting the preferences file which will regenerate a new one. To do this, close PSE and open the Welcome screen, then hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift while launching the Editor. A box will appear asking if you want to delete the settings file, select yes.

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                hatstead-pbiq5w Level 3
                • Duplicate background layer, work on background copy layer
                • Shut off visibility of background layer by clicking on its eye icon
                • Access move tool, grab one of the corner handles, and while holding down the shift key, resize. This should maintain aspect ratio.
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                  Rex1776 Level 1

                  Thanks. I will try this.

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                    cchhaya Level 1



                    Are you doing the resize by grabbing the placeholders at the corner of the image or the ones along the edges. Try resizing only with the placeholders at the corners, that should maintain the aspect ratio.