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    Custom gradient stroke



      I was trying to get a gradient stroke to a text using the Photoshop Live Effects but it seems I can only set the gradient to be black/white

      I would like to know how can I chage that

      Below is what I did so far



      Now I would like the cradient colors to be for example red and blue or to add 3 or more color to it!

      Is it possible?

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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          A work around:


          Type text (bold with plenty of space between letters and fill with desired solid color


          Make a copy

          Turn view off of top copy

          select bottom copy

          Text>Convert to Paths


          Modify>Alter Path>Inset Path


          select Outside

          Width will depend on text size so experiment. I used Arial Black size 64 so my width was 4. I left miter at 10

          Fill expanded text with gradient

          Turn on top text

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            pixlor Level 4

            A gradient you can't change isn't very useful, is it. Odd.


            Well, I managed something much more complicated, but it will allow you to create a color gradient even if you want bold text.live.png

            It's a Fireworks .png, so you can copy it and open it up. Layer 2 is the visible result; Layer 1 has copies of the components so you can see them individually.


            Start with three copies of the word "Text." The green one does not have the Photoshop Live Effects gradient stroke. For the other two, one has white text and one has black text. Make sure to copy and then not move any of the text elements. Turn off their visibility for working, because you need them to stay aligned.


            For the one with black text, the gradient stroke is white on top. If we use this for a mask, we can create the gradient fade where the object is white, going to transparent where the object is black. I layered this over a blue rectangle then used the text object as a mask. (Select black text object with stroke and blue rectangle, then menu Modify > Mask > Group as Mask.) This gives me a fading blue outline at the top of the text.


            To make a mask for the lower part of the gradient, we need that to be white, but it's black. Take the text object with the white text and invert it with menu Filters > Adjust Color > Invert. This will create a bitmap from the vector object, but it will work just fine. I took this bitmap and used it as a mask for a red rectangle. This gives me a fading red outline at the bottom of the text.


            Pretty complex, but it gets the effect on bold text as well as any other shape you might apply the filter to.



            Hmm. A fading blue outline over a straight red outline would probably work too! Just thought of that.

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              pixlor Level 4

              Yeah. Much easier.


              Make a rectangle with whatever wild gradient you'd like. Make two copies of your text element (or other object). Make the lower text element black and apply a white stroke to it. Use the lower object as a mask for the rectangle with the gradient:


              Hmm. A white text element would help with the haloing I see around the dark grey text. Make that a white text element with a white stroke.

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                DarkSteam Level 1

                seems I'm lost somehow

                I'm not that advanced in Fw

                can someone post me a vid tutorial since the png's used seems to get displayed wrong in Fw CS4 since it seems to be created in Fw CS3

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                  JoyceEvans Level 3

                  Did you try the steps I suggested? Much less complicated and same result :-)

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                    DarkSteam Level 1

                    somehow missed your post

                    yeah it helped thanks