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    DVD scenerio

    1_dizzy Level 1

      I'm making highlight videos of my sons football team and making dvd's for the families.  I normally burn the dvd's using the widescreen preset and the video looks good on my TV.   Will this version look good on a standard tv as well.


      Earlier I had a family that wanted a DVD and they only had a standard tv.  I burned a dvd in standard format and I watched it on my widescreen to see what it would look like and it look like crap.  I was hoping that it didn't look that bad on their tv, but they never said otherwise.


      I'm using a new canon Hd camcorder. I believe it is the hf200 or something like that.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, there are a ton of variables out there. DVD-Video set-top players handle things differently. TV's can handle things differently, as well.


          Normally, one will get a Letterbox image with Widescreen feed on a 4:3 TV, but it can differ by equipment and also the setup of that equipment.


          It's tough, as one has no control over what equipment will be used, and no control over how it's setup. We are in difficult times right now, as there are still tons of older 4:3-only TV's and also older set-top players, that handle 16:9 in different ways. Throw in the differences in how 16:9 is achieved by different cameras and it gets even more difficult.


          Sorry, but there is no one answer that will work with 100% of the equipment and its setup. The result will depend on so many variables.


          Good luck,



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            One of my sons is on two different soccer teams and I have been doing 16:9 for almost two years and have yet to have a complaint about the format.  With the price of blank blu-ray finally dropping I am thinking of offering that option when his team starts up again just before Thanksgiving.



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              1_dizzy Level 1

              thanks, that is good to know.  After you click the share tab, do you then go to the disk tab, then preset tab for widescreen, or do you have your own settings?

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                rawatts Level 1

                I usually burn to folder with the standard settings and then use Nero to make multible copies.  I have found that I can squeeze a little more than the default setting without loosing too much quality.  For the last year or so I have been using Adobe's  CS3 because I can usualy put two full games (two hours and 10 minutes) on a single sided disk with good quality.  I save everything to an external esata drive - I just received a request for one of last year's games.