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    Add W3D exporting to CS4 Extended

    Robert Crowe Level 1

      I just upgraded to CS4 Extended, largely for the new 3D capabilities, and was astounded to learn that it doesn't support export of models to Adobe's only current 3D format, Shockwave W3D!  Can anyone give me one good reason for this incredibly short-sighted omission, other than product team NIH?


      Here's a quick reality check.  Much of Adobe doesn't seem to realize it, but Shockwave is still by far the most capable and most optimized format for 3D on the web, and Director, for all its faults, is still the best IDE for developing 3D web applications.  That's a testament to what Macromedia created, and how highly they valued it.  You'd think that Adobe would want to build on this advantage before Microsoft comes out with Silverlight 3D and eats Adobe's lunch, but judging by the lack of support for W3D in CS4 Extended it would seem that they haven't gotten the message yet.  I sincerely hope they get it soon.