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    Need guidance in developing AIR Application based on flex sdk beta.

    carrera php

      Hi Friends,

                  I need to develop a desktop mail client for web based RIA developed in extjs. The air application has to communicate with a flex application hidden inside the web app and get the SMTP Details and send mail using the socket connection.


      Till date i have found few plugins and i am testing out each one of them.


      1) byteArray SmtpMailer for socket mailing which has login authentication, attachment support.


      2) suiggly with halo rich text editor for spell check enabled mail composer.


      3) flash network localConnection for communication between web flex hidden inside extjs ria app and air app, The flex application and extjs application communicate using FABridge.js.


      4) updateFramework for frequently updating the air app with new features.


      Drawbacks i face:


      1) ByteArray SmtpMailer works fine but i am unable to find a plugin for SSL encryption support which is required for connecting with gmail SMTP server.


      2) The flex web application size grows upto 1.8MB(approx) with all SDK librarys which are part of SDK, which is thrice as big as the extjs RIA app.


      3) The updateFramework for updating a air application throws errors, which is diffcult to troubleshoot or understand by novice like me.