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    Jerky Animation (Video Link) - WHY?


      I have a simple animation with two keyframes moving horizontally. However, the movement staggers or 'chugs' across the screen.


      Look: http://img21.imageshack.us/i/staggeredvideo.mp4/


      That's not the actual ad, but the same mishap occurs.


      Set up


      AECS3, 30fps (same result at 29.97fps)


      Several layers attached to a null object

      The null has two keyframes (regular *diamond* kfs - same result with varied easing kf types)


      The null moves the objects in time across the screen from point A to point B


      Result - Jerky movement


      Question: Why?Is there a way to resolve this?


      I asked the awesome folks on Creative Cow, but thought I'd seek assistance here as well. Thanks in advance!