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    Noob question about playing mp3 sound when clicking link on web page


      Just getting started with AIR, but my first little app is already helping a lot of users.  It's just a smallish window with a few buttons and Web browser.  It opens initially with a table of contents page for some internal business documentation.  (Don't ask why they can't just use a normal Web browser, it's a long story.)  A simplified form of the code is shown below, but basically the user is just locked into the specific content that I have hard-coded into the "Home" and other buttons and the normal links provided on those pages.


      That's all working perfectly.  But some of the Web pages have links that should play mp3 files.  The mp3 files work properly when I use Firefox or other browser, but nothing happens when I click those links in my AIR app.


      I assume I need to import some sound controls or something, but after reading for a few hours I can't find an answer.  I'm hoping that someone can point me at some sample code to see how this should work.




      mx:Button label="Home"

      mx:Button label="Help"

      mx:Button label="Contact"



      mx:HTML location="somewebsiteURL"