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    reinstalling premiere elements 1.0 after changing motherboard


      hi all, i have a problem and would be grateful if there are some advise for me. I have premiere elements 1.0 on a pentium 4 computer running winxp service pack 2. My computer broke down recently and the technicians had to replace a new motherboard. When i click on premiere elements 1.0, it asks me to reinstall the program. I inserted the original disks, it gave me an option to repair or remove. I 1st tried repair, it seems to reinstall the rpogram, but after i restart the computer and click on premiere elements 1.0, it asks me to reinstall the program.I did this twice. Next I choose to remove, but a box pops out to say 'the wizard was interrupted before adobe premiere elements 1.0 could be completely installed.Your system has not been modified.To complete installation at another time, please run setup again'. I tried to remove the program using add/remove program , but it says 'fatal error during installation'. Any advise for me to over come this problem?Thank you

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Ouch! At this point it might be worth investing a few dollars in a newer version of the program! (It also would be wise to update to XP SP3, manually go to Windows Update to ensure you have even the Custom/non-critical updates and load the latest version of Quicktime.)


          Replacing parts in a very old computer (and I'm guessing this computer must be a good 6 years old) can do some funny things -- especially if your technicians tried to clone or update the hard drive to the new hardware rather than doing a complete reinstall. A lot of programs -- and the operating system itself -- can get very confused with it looks around and finds itself in a whole new environment.


          I'm not sure how extensive your computer upgrade was or if your technicians did a complete wipe-and-reinstall of your operating but, assuming everything else is stable, updated and well-tuned, the easiest solution would be to install a later version of Premiere Elements. (I just checked eBay and spotted a copy of Premiere Elements 3 at a Buy It Now price of $12.50, so it doesn't have to be a big investment.)