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    Loading Movies on top of another

      I've been working on a spotlight movie for a webpage. What I have is a random movie loading to a set target and then after a short delay (on a subsequent frame) the action of "loadMovie" is repeated.

      The code I'm currently using is " loadMovie("media/backgrounds/spotlight"+(Math.ceil(Math.random()*3))+".swf", "TT");"

      The problem I'm having is that the new random movie that is being loaded is replacing the current one; so there is a visual jump instead of the new one transitioning in. Is there a way to load the new movie on top of the existing one, so the action is visibly smoother? I need to load the movies to the set target however for the design I've developed to work.

      Also is there a way to avoid the random movies from repeating?

      What I have so far can be viewed at: http://www.dropik.com/test

      Thanks in advance,