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    Flex 4 beta in a Week

    clgoodman Adobe Employee

      Hi everyone,


      We've just launched a beta version of video training for Flex 4 beta. You can find Days 1-3 here (more to come!):




      To follow along, you'll need to download Flash Builder 4 beta 2 from Adobe Labs here:




      And, just to let you know, this training--like the product--is in beta. Really. So we want to get feedback from you on how we can improve it as we continue to build it out. We've made a few changes to it already based on the feedback in this forum, so we hope that you can continue to provide us with the your input. You can still influence the final version!


      Some of the changes include:


      - All sample files are available for days 1-3 from the get-go.

      - Exercises correlate with the videos completely--rather than "building upon them" like in the current version.

      - Flex 4 techniques/changes are detailed in the tutorial workflow.


      So, please let us know what you think, and we'll do our best to incorporate your feedback.