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    I want to edit Canon 7D movies on 64 bit system


      I would like to be able to edit movies from my Canon 7D, 5D Mark II, and Panasonic ZS3 (espicially the lite movie version). I am mainly a still photographer but from time to time will do film clips. What I would like to do is splice movies together, and remove parts of clips. I am sure the more I learn the more I want to do. I would also like to be able to create one new music file from a few seperate files. I use showit web and the program can only use one music file so the solution for a longer slide show is to join files to create one new one.


      I have no movie editing experience. I have been reading a lot of on-line reviews and rarely does the review mention problems with 64bit systems, but posts of uses have made me realize my 64 bit Vista may be a problem. Should the latest version of Elements run on a 64bit system?


      One thing that appeals to me about Adobe products is I can usually find books that help me self teach myself. Hopefully there will be books on Elements.