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    Flex 4 SDK, Design mode: cannot load textLayout.swf




      I am new to Flex.

      I used Catalyst to convert a .ps design to flex project by converting artworks to flex components.

      Then I tried opening the fxp ( after converting it in to .zip) in flex builder 3.

      It didnt work because there were so many compilation errors which I found because of the SDK.

      Then I installed the Open Source Flex 4 SDK and switched my flex builder settings to SDK 4.


      Now the compilation errors are gone but I am unable to open the main mxml in design mode.


      It says ' Cannot load textLayout.swc ( Error: Load.... )'.

      I checked for the presence of the said .swc and can find that in sdk 4/framework/libs folder.


      Any quick pointers and help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,