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    Including page title in feedback emails

    EuroMatt Level 1

      Hi all


      In the header of our manual we have a Send Feedback link, which uses a 'mailto:' command to email my colleague and I.  We want to add the '?subject=' switch to include the title of the page in question using the 'title' variable, but we can't work out how this is done.


      I've tried putting { title } to no avail and also <?rh-variable_start name="title" format="default" value="test" ?>test<?rh-variable_end ?> (as it appears in the HTML of a topic) but that just causes an error.


      Any suggestions?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          What is your output and where do you call the mailto command from? Check out Snippet 38 on Peter's site.


          I guess that you use plain HTML to create the e-mail, but to add active content, you have to use Javascript.





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            EuroMatt Level 1

            Sorry, I should have explained our manual is a .chm and the Send Feedback link in our header is simply a User Defined Variable with a hyperlink that says "mailto:me@workemail.com; colleague@workemail.com?subject=Documentation feedback".  When users click on it, Outlook pops up with our email addresses in the To field and 'Documentation Feedback' in the Subject field.  What we'd like is to dynamically append the title of the page where the link was clicked to the Subject line.


            I was hoping it wouldn't require Javascript, as I've previously achieved the same thing in a budget HAT called Help Studio, simply by putting '?subject=%%page title%%' (a default variable in Help Studio) in the link.  However, if that's what it's going to take to do this in RoboHelp, so be it.