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    Beta 2 Video Component.

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      • Where is Video Component?
      • How to create it with out video?
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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Videos are similiar to images in Catalyst in that there is not a video component or image component in the  Components panel to drag to the stage. Instead, you import a flv or f4v video file and a component will be created for you.



          1. Choose File > Import Video/Sound File and choose a file on your hard drive to import

          The video will now appear on the stage and in the Library panel


          2. Use the properties inspector to set visual properties for the video like whether to show the play controls


          3. Use the Timeline panel to control when videos play. In the Add Action menu in the Timeline panel you will find Play Video, Pause Video, and Stop Video. These can be used both in Action Sequences and Transitions


          A few examples:

          You could put a video in a button component and cause it to play on rollover by putting a Play Video action in the Up > Over transition. To make it stop on rollout add a Pause Video action to the Over > Up transition


          If you want to play an introductory video when your app starts do this. Import a video to the first state of your application. When nothing is selected go to the Interactions Panel and chose "Add Interaction". Choose "On Application Start" and "Play Action Sequence". A new Action Sequence will be created. Now select a video and choose Add Action > Play Video. The video will now play when the app loads.



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            Laurence Schuberth Level 1

            Hi Ty

            This relates to an earlier question but now I can put more intensive elements into FC, how do I insert a pre loader???

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              Tvoliter Adobe Employee

              Flash Catalyst doesn't currently support authoring a pre-loader, so you will have to rely on Flash Builder for that. I agree it would be a nice thing to have inside Catalyst.



              A few links on preloaders and Flash Builder

              http://www.flexer.info/2009/01/22/very-first-flex-preloader-customization-for-flex-builder -3flex-sdk-32/

              http://npacemo.com/wordpress/2008/07/06/flex-application-bootstrapping-totally-custom-prel oader/



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                Laurence Schuberth Level 1

                Thanks Ty


                Yes, maybe something for the beta3 list??


                Anywhoo, can I also say that beta 2 is a fantastic "leap" forward. Have only been playing with it a little and already the power features and the all round "snappyness" ( snow L macbookpro) are just stunning, so well done all you gurus, you astound me again.