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    HELP - Calculated Net Value determines new field's value (ala IF THEN)



      To say I'm "novice" at JavaScript-ing is too light a statement.

      Currently have form that successfully gets me to this point... Gross Acct value less specific deductions = net account (in a field called "Subtotal").


      I need to do the following:  If Subtotal is a certain amount then the new field will produce a certain absolute number.  For example, if Subtotal is <100,000.01, then the value of the new field would be 5,000.00.  If Subtotal is <200,000.01 but >100,000.00, then new field is 10,000.00.


      Sorry if i'm being unclear.  This was easy up to this point - any help is GREATLY appreciated (I bow to the script-writing pros out there!)