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    Unknown entity: flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection

    Mugunda Level 1



      I am using Spring BlazeDs Integration. When I call a java remote method by passing an ArrayCollection as paramenter I get the error

      Unknown entity: flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection (I guess class not found exception ). I read all previous post and  confirmed that I have all the required JARS in WEB-INF\lib folder of my project.  the application works fine in local machine with a local server (Using Flex builder), but when I deploy the application in my Common Delevlopment Server(Remote) I end up with this error.


      Some  previous post discussed about  <legacy-collection>true</legacy-collection>   I am not sure if this is possible with SpringBlazeds Integration.



      Please help me.


      Thank you






      The details Error Message

        body = (null)
        clientId = "3E404DE4-150C-5DC8-1637-D0C3B302C2A5"
        correlationId = "8B6F7A1E-38B8-7A09-3DA6-24F862DBB8ED"
        destination = "VisitPlanMgmt"
        extendedData = (null)
        faultCode = "Application.Service"
        faultDetail = (null)
        faultString = "Unknown entity: flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection"
        headers = (Object)#1
        messageId = "3E407AB6-B10C-97C1-D151-7B99E76DC662"
        rootCause = (null)
        timestamp = 1254750656577
        timeToLive = 0