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    Cannot remove an insecurity


      A Secunia scan says the version detected is 9.0.159 is insecure and gives instructions to update to 9.1.2. The version on my computer is 9.1.3 as shown by Help > About and also by Control Panel > Programs and Features. Following Secunias instructions appears to work but a scan still shows the version detected as 9.0.159. Uninstalling via Program and Features followed by cCleaner and Registry Booster (Registry repair) and then downloading 9.1.1 followed by updating to 9.1.2 or simply downloading and installing the latest version does not work and a scan always reports the version as 9.0.159. Whichever version is on the computer the path is always Program Files\Adobe\Reader\Reader 9.0\ AcroRd32 and I suspect this is what the scan detects. Attempts to delete this file return a not allowed message. OS is Vista