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    Automating placing of multiple images into a document.




      I hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction with this, I'm not a programmer of any sort so bare with me..


      I have a folder of about 3 to 400 images all 'grouped' into a series of 4 by name like this: image1-1, image1-2, image1-3, image1-4, image2-1,image2-2, image2-3,image2-4 and so on.


      I've setup a template in ID CS4 that has 4 image place holders for each group.


      I'd like to be able to automate the placing of the groups of 4 images into my template before moving on to the next group of 4 (into a new version of the same template) until all images in that folder are done. I then need to be able to export those templates as flattened jpegs.


      Is this something I'd be able to do via apple script? I'm not after a solution just some pointers or direction on how I might go about achieving this.


      I hope I've explained this well enough, again please forgive my technical ignorance.