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    passing data from a container to another

    Alex-SM Level 1



      Let's say I have two containers (Container1=application , Container2).  Container1 gets some data from user, perform some database lookup and displays Container2 with the results from database lookup.


      Container1 --(call and display)--> Container2


      Below shows  how I am using a bindable variable in Container1 to pass the data from Container1 to Container2.  Also shows how I display Container2 from Container1.


      <!-- Container1 -->

      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml">

         [Bindable] public var foo:String = "bar";
         private function loginHandler(event:LoginEvent):void
            mycontainer2 = new Container2();
            mycontainer2.name = "mycontainer2";



      I am accessing the data in Container2 as follow:


      <!-- Container2 -->




      Q1) Is there a better way to pass data from one container to another and access the data?


      Q2) Is this the only way to call and display Container2 from Container1?


      Q3) How can I move back to Container1 from Container2, i.e. Container2 call and display Container1

             Container2 --(back to)--> Container1