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    Absolute colorimetric Colour Conversion



      I am working on translating Lab-values (45/0, D50, 2 degree) in to CMYK values (Fogra39).

      I try to convert Lab values for single colours with as good match as possible (absolute colorimetric, Adobe ACE).  I uses scripts to send in Lab and receive CMYK back in Photoshop 10.0.1 and InDesign 5.0.4


      I have two problems:

      1. Photoshop and InDesign give different conversions, even when I save the colour settings from one app and load them in to the other?
      2. I can't set GCR to Maximal when selecting Fogra39 profile?


      An example for a colour giving large difference (15-30 Delta-E) is: L=37.6, a=3.6, b=6.1, C=49, M=49, Y=54, K=44


      Have any one have tried this?

      Thanks for any helpe