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    Flash Quiz - Finding the Questions?


      I have been given an existing flash quiz to update the question and options (multiple choice with radio buttons). Unfortunately, as I am unfamiliar with flash quizzes I do not know where to look within the .fla to find the questions and options. the quiz draws the questions out at random, so I assume they are stored somewhere and then called in some action script.


      Where is the best place to look to find the questions???

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Best place to start is the initializing scripts (those in frame 1)


          If the quiz is loading the questions from XML you will find logic to load an XML in there (or another type of external file).


          If the questions are hardcoded, then you will likely find an array of objects, or something similar.

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            Farren_80 Level 1

            The first frame of the quiz contains some b/ground text and a "next" link. I selected this element of the quiz and checked th underlying actionscript:


            onClipEvent (load) {
            curQuest = 0;
            if(_parent.Options.QuestionsToAsk < (_parent._totalframes-2) && _parent.Options.QuestionsToAsk > 0){
              totQuest = "/ " + (_parent.Options.QuestionsToAsk+1);
              totQuest = "/ " + String(_parent._totalframes-1);
            function updateFrame() {


            However, this does not seem to point to anything in particular to assist in finding the questions location?


            Where would the updateFrame () function be found (or is that a built in function?) - would that contain the questions???


            Sorry, but i have limited skills in quiz creation and action script, so it is challenging to find the questions.