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    Vancouver Canucks Flash Slideshow


      Hey guys. ok so i'm a super begginer with Flash just so you know. I'd doing up a website where the customer wants a slide show to function like the main one on http://canucks.nhl.com/ I don't need it as extensive as that one i just need the the slideshow to auto cycle through the images and also when i click on a button to load that slide and then make the main slide image clickable. I'v spent 3 full days trying to figure it out but without flash training of any kind i'm just running in circles and getting noware fast.. i tryed doing my own a couple times but the best i can do is like what i did on my website at www.jerahco.com but its not able to do what the customer wants... anyone wanna help me out!?!?!?! and just a reminder i'm a super newb with flash..

      if you would like to help me out you can reply here or to my email at www.jerahco.com...

      thanks guys... HELPPPPP