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    How to get value of a node without tags?

    Handycam Level 1

      I need to build a string for a text box from itsems in an xmllistcollection. I am querying a larger list:

      inTheMorning = new XMLListCollection(menuList..time.(@label=="m").instructions);

      and then I want to build a string:

      var schedString:String = scheduleLabels.getItemAt(3) +"\n"+inTheMorning;



      I get:

      One day ahead
      <instructions><![CDATA[Assemble the bacon-wrapped scallops and refrigerate until ready to cook. ]]></instructions>
      <instructions><![CDATA[Cook, peel, and cut the beets for the Beet Salad.  ]]></instructions>
      <instructions><![CDATA[Make the dressing, segment the oranges, and cut the greens for the Blood Orange-Radicchio Salad. Refrigerate the oranges and greens. ]]></instructions>
      <instructions><![CDATA[ ]]></instructions>

      I want the three strings inside the CDATA tags without the surrounding tags.  How do I do this?