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    Record/Item count, Contatenation, Selected Record field value


      Please see the comments and questions embedded in this code snippet:


                  protected function btnGo_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                      // I fetch a bunch of photo subject records ("items"?) from a back end DB
                      getSBJsResult.token = baa_data_svc.getSBJs(edtSrch.text);


                      // How do I get the record count (item count) from the object returned above
                      // so that I can display it in the tab label in the next line --->
                      // Also, Is "+" the correct symbol for contatenation?
                      tabSBJs.label = 'Subjects: ' + Whu?


                      // Now I grab some photo session records, but I must feed it the unique ID from the FIRST
                      // record (item) in the result set retrieved above, how do I get that value (it's a string (GUID))
                      getSESsResult.token = baa_data_svc.getSESs( what goes here?  );


                      // What every you show me above, I'll use on the line below.  It still
                      // contains the dummy param value
                      getIMGsResult.token = baa_data_svc.getIMGs('BF3B9F5AC1C7422C8B79C66369EFDFE9');


      Thanks in advance for any help.