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    SQLite in Flex web applications (not AIR)


      I'm totally new to Flex, just learning its classes.  When I do searches for Flex and SQLite (my own pre-existing SQLite database, not a built-in one) the results seem to suggest that you can access SQLite in desktop Flex applications using the SQLConnection class, but it is available in AIR only:




      Is there a way to query a SQLite database that does not use the AIR-only classes? At present, my app is a Flex web application. If so, I'd be grateful for pointers.


      (BTW, I'd gladly use Flex Desktop over Flex web-app if it weren't for the fact that Flex desktop apps have more limitations with regard to context-menus than Flex-web apps do  -- e.g. when a custom context-menu with custom items is added to a custom mxml component which is then reused in a container in a desktop application, the custom items do not appear; the web apps have no such limitations that the context-menu be added to a "top-level" component; web apps' limitation is that you can add only a limited number of custom items, 20, IIRC.)