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    disappearing text in pdf form




      we have an application using pdf forms. The reader 9..1.0 reads some data and forms are filled out.

      there are 3 pages datas an 10 pages  for entering text. Each page contains automatically name and birth date of a patient, on the 10 pages the result of treatment is documented.

      Now, sometimes, after opening the text again and changing the text ( e.g. the patient goes home after a week and something has to be entered) the saved text is gone, instead the old text is there though it was said "save". Also some pages are missing ( of the old text )


      Furthermore, today I saw that there is a lot of text at the end of the form. Means, there are 10 pages text, let´s say 6 are filled, all have name and date filled out by our program but enough space to write on page 7. There is a button "reorganize text" and after that there is a message saying that the text is too large for the 10 pages and that the text is hidden. Indeed, all the text on page 7,8,9 and 10 is doubled from the beginning. when I tried to delete some text, there is again text and text and coming into the form and after an hour I could´n delete all the text which is "behind" the real text.


      my first thought was that somebody didn´t insert a text block for lets say 30 lines but copied the whole text several times. But the people working there are much experienced.


      So does anybode has a good inea? I know this is rather complicated but because these text are report of medical treament is is important that nothing is lost and that the text is okay. BTW it worked all the years starting with approval 5.0  over adobe 8 and now 9.



      thanks Joachim