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    FAQs: System and Network Issues

    BigJohnD Level 3

      The AdobeForums PM FAQ Archive for System and Network Issues can be downloaded from here: http://bigjohnd.org.uk/PM_FAQs/SystemAndNetworkFAQs.pdf (PDF. 700kb)


      It covers the following issues (note the dates of the threads):


      7.1 - PageMaker 6.5 (or older) on Windows XP 25/4/05)

      7.2 - Network Issues (20/10/04)

      7.3 - PageMaker and Dual Monitors (17/8/03)

      7.4 - Mac / PC Platform Crossing (7/12/04)

      7.5 - Tips for installing / optimizing Win95/98/NT/ME for PageMaker (17/8/03)

      7.6 - Re-installing PageMaker (22/4/05)

      7.7 - Mouse Wheel Scrolling (15/2/05)

      7.8 - Upgrading your version of Windows (15/4/04)


      Remember PM is next to obsolete, but if your OS is contemporary with your version of your OS, then there is hope.


      If you are expecting last century versions PM to work on the lastest operating systems, you need to review your expectations - or move to InDesign, using your PM Licence to get a discount while it's still available.



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      20:39 05/10/2009 BST