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    Youtube HD quality

    Erwin van der Horst

      I'm new to Adobe Premiere Elements. I want to publish HD movies on Youtube in the best possible format. My movies are in Quicktime 1280x720 HD format. Normally I published my movies without any editting application, because I did not wanted any quality loss.

      However it would be great todo some cutting, and add some banners, etc.


      Which format and which settings should I use in Premiere Elements 7 to create the best possible movies. The best result I got was using MPEG2 HD 720p 20 preset. De quality seems to decrease not too mutch, but the filesize multiplies about 3 times (1.1 GB for a 400 Mb file). Are there other options?


      The standard Youtube preset only exports 320x240 (The quality dropdown is disabled)