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    live trace settings

    jdldn Level 1

      I have a photograph and I want an outline of the people in it, ideally with vectors. How can I do this?


      If I use Object/ Live Trace/ Tracing Options, I can set the live trace to outline, but I guess their isnt enough contrast in the photo so the live trace pics up the wrong things. Can I play with these settings? Am I on the right track with live trace?



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          Aarmed Level 1

          You don't get a whole plethora of options under "Tracing Options"?


          I get a ton, primarily the first two are best to play with.



          Why do you want a photograph vectorized, is another question, you said for an outline, is this for a mask?  You may want to just use the pen tool to make a crude outline (semi crude at least) and then use the smooth tool, to smooth out the jaggedness.  Play with your smooth tool options to help.

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            jdldn Level 1

            Ended up going with the pen tool. Thanks