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    Jumpy AVCHD rendering in After Effects CS4


      Hey Everyone,


      i am working with ACVHD footage which can easily be edited in ae and premiere cs4 on my computer. But since

      have rendered out my material (I have tried, mov, avi, flv, and whatnot) it runs fluently but is now and again

      jumpy when played. Its like a few frames are repeated sometimes.


      What is the trick to achieve a good result, what is the best output format? Can anyone please help?


      Thank you in advanced!




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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Alexauwa: There's a known issue related to decoding native AVHCD footage from some camera models (btw, which camera are you using?) that produces this jumpy/shuffled frames problem. Adobe is working with the provider of the AVCHD decoding technology to address this. For now, the workaround is converting AVCHD (if your camera is among the ones which show this problem) to something else before import. There are a number of utilities on the web which will convert mts (native AVCHD) streams to AVI or Quicktime files, for example.

          This has been discussed in this very forum many times.

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            Alexauwa Level 1

            Thank you for your reply!


            I have already noticed when browsing the forums that there

            are many discussion about that issue!


            I am using a Panasonic HDC-SD 300. I also got my

            AE and PR CS4 version up to date.


            Anything else I can do?


            (read this in another forum, like a little trick...any good?)

            I am right now trying to import my dynamic link file which

            used to come from PR to AE to PR. In my dynamic link

            season from PR to AE I saved the the my project in AE.

            Then closed all applications of CS4 and relunched AE to

            complete the proj. file. That's is now the file that I have imported

            to PR which is now being rendered. So maybe the PR output will

            work without any jumpy sequences.




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              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

              Alexauwa: Updating to After Effects 9.02 (via the Adobe Updater application) is strongly recommended, since it addresses a ton of issues and enhances overall performance and stability. It is unlikely that it will fix the AVCHD shuffled frames problem with some Panasonic AVCHD cameras, unfortunately. As I said before, for now and until a fix for this specific problem is available, the workaround is converting AVCHD material to another format.

              Assuming you're on Windows, here's a free application I found on a quick Google search that will convert mts files (ie, native AVCHD) to AVI or a number of different formats.


              Once more, sorry for the inconvenience.

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                Alexauwa Level 1



                So the update is simply done when I click on update next to activation, etc.


                I have in there no updates for AE, meaning I am up to date then!?


                I feel confident that Adobe will fix that issue soon!

                Thanks again!

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                  Is this on the Mac also or just PC?

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                    Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                    The AVCHD decoder is identical on Mac and Windows. I could use footage from many cameras without problems on both platforms, and the shuffled frames problems for some models, I also could reproduce on both platforms.

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                      Hi there,

                      ( Wow! An actual Adobe employee in this forum... ;-)  )

                      I am experiencing what I would think to be AVCHD decoding problems in Premiere Pro CS4 as well and am wondering, if this might be the same problem as in After Effects.

                      I have observed the following effects:


                      - Sometimes during editing in Premiere a single frame will simply be the wrong one. This error is then persistent and can be reproduced until some internal buffers get rerendered and the problem may vanish, for instance, after I render an effect or dissolve in a different part of the timeline... until it happens again at a totally different location.


                      - When I render the video out (export in Adobe Media Encoder or playback to my "old" Sony HDV cam via firewire) in different formats (I prefer Blu-Ray MPEG2 because it is faster for Full HD material than a AVCHD render), the problem appears in the resulting video as well about every few minutes or so (Frames jump back and forth or sometimes a single wrong frame is displayed). The problem shows up at random locations and no two renderings have the same problems at the same locations.


                      During editing I was ok with that behaviour and could even live with the non-realtime previews. Hey, I am a programmer myself and know, that bug-free software is not possible to make.


                      But I was expecting, that at least the final rendered video sequence would be ok. Well, this is obviously not the case and renders (pun intended) the whole result of the video project unusable. 

                      I concur, that there seems to be a problem in the AVCHD decoder used to get the frames that need to be rendered (I assume that this is somehow a part of the ImportProcessServer, which uses gigs of memory on a project with something like 1400 video clips. I do not think, though, that this points to a problem in the AVCHD data stream or is even connected to Panasonic cameras. I am shooting with a Sony HDR XR-520.


                      My System:

                      Core i7 950 QuadCore @ 3.2 GHz

                      NVidia Geforce GTX 275

                      Windows 7 64bit (performance index 5,9 due to hard disk, everything else 7,3 - 7,5)

                      12 GB RAM

                      4 TB Hard Disk space

                      Adobe CS4 Master Collection


                      I have been a fan of Adobe software for years and am also using After Effects.

                      Under these circumstances, I will have to rethink upgrading to CS5, though. Based on previous support and update experiences I do not dare hope to see a fix for this severe bug in an upcoming CS4 patch!?




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                        JonPaula Level 1

                        Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved in CS5? Encoding to DVCPro, and other formats isn't really an option for me because of the 15+ hours of source material I'm working with... I literally don't have room for it at all. (although, I suppose I could get a new HD) - but an upgrade to CS5 was planned anyway.


                        Any help would be most appreciated!

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                          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                          Yes, it should be fine in CS5.