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    FLV progressive download.  Keeps dropping out around 50%. Why?


      I have simply imported an FLV video of around 26 MBs. 

      In the import options, I selected download from server for progressive download.  I publish to html, upload everything where it should be (in one folder).  I begin watching the video and it plays fine, then, about 50% of the way through, the candy strip on the player skin starts flashing, even though it's still buffering way infront of where we are through the video.  Once it gets to the point where the candy strip started flashing, the video returns to the beginning and I can't play the rest of it?!  It does this in the same position each time.  I have tried downloading the flv and checking it's complete and it is so i'm confused!


      When viewing it locally on my machine, using the html file it works fine!?  I have come up against this before and can't find the reason why.  Some help on this would be greatly appreciated as it's really frustrating me and preventing me from deploying videos which need to be sorted.