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    Invalid Serial Number - 1 potential solution


      Thought I would post this as I spent the afternoon trying to complete an install of PP CS4 and did not find this particular solution anywhere




      Invalid Serial Number error on install even though it's verified correct.



      I had a trial version installed and had seen some issues that may have been related to trial to full so I decided to do an uninstall/reinstall with the full version


      1st attempt at install got the error. Did the recommended Cleanup script & reboot. No Help.


      2nd attempt saw a forum post about deleting the cache.db in {programFiles}\commonFile\adobe PCD\cache. No help


      nth attempt...gave up and tried to install the trial version while waiting on a support request answer. Trial install failed as well with a Please insert install disk error. (failed as in could not continue.)


      Which got me thinking about where I was installing from .


      I'm installing this to my laptop which I can't connect to my work network (security policy) So I DL'd the files from the adobe store. I made a dvd of the install files with the following directory structure




             > Adobe CS4

             > Adobe Encore CS4

             > Adobe OnLocation CS4


      and then ran the install from {dvd}\PP_CS4_Program\Adobe CS4\setup.exe


      and got the various install fails


      I copied Adobe CS4 dir to c:, reran the install and it accepted my serial number first time.


      Not sure why this was an issue...but it's a fix for anyone trying to install under the same set of circumstances.


      FIX: Install from folder on hard drive


      it's also possible that a dvd with


      Adobe CS4

      Adobe Encore CS4

      Adobe OnLocation CS4


      in the root of the dvd would work as well although I did not try that (not going to burn another dvd to find out)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Thank you for reporting.


          The suggestion to install from the C:\ is quite common for many Adobe programs, even if one has the official installation DVD's. The second common method is to move the installation folder to the Desktop and install from there.


          Used to, most Adobe programs could get around installation problems, by installing in Safe Mode. Now, it seems that most/many do not install in Safe Mode, regardless.