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    Spot color swatch percentage


      Can anyone inform me what is generating the 93% next to the "Background Blue" swatch?


      Where is the 93% coming from? How do i remove the 93% to just have the swach be 100% Background Blue?Picture 1.png

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          Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

          Hello, Tint of Swatches like in your images have been set in the Color Panel. Usually, you shall have the 100% full spot color (without the %), but it look like Illustrator allow Tint Swatch to be on their own. So to fix, it just open the Color Panel, Set the Tint to 100% and Create a new Swatch. It will appears without the %. If you 93% Tint swatch was already used you can just Option (alt on PC) drag the 100% swatch to the 93% one.

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            Aarmed Level 1

            just grab the normal "background blue" that everyone has in their palette


















            You know... that famous color everyone knows called... "background blue"