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    cant open projects created in Beta1


      hi, ive just installed the 2nd beta FC.

      installation was completed successfully. however i cannot open any of my previous saved FC projects (.fxp)


      it just comes up with an error message saying: 'Flash Catalyst cannot open this project because it was created by an incompatible version of Flash Catalyst'.


      so does this mean that all projects created in the 1st beta are rendered useless?

      what should i do




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          Adam Altman (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Sorry, but in order to support new features and functionality, we have had to make changes to the Flash Catalyst project files that are not backwards compatible. The new beta cannot open files created with earlier prerelease versions.


          I don't know how much use this will be to you: You can use an unzip utility to uncompress your .fxp file and then use a text editor to inspect many of the files within the project. From there, you can try to copy and paste some of your code into (for example) a Flash Builder project and salvage some of the old project.