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    Problem Installing Beta 2 on Snow Leopard (10.6.x)


      No matter what I've tried, I constantly get a message to close all of my open browsers.  I have no browsers opened.  I have tried installing on my mac pro as well as my macbook pro.  It does install fine under Leopard (10.5.x).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3



          Sorry that got stuck on your machine.


          Here are some things to try, if you haven't already:

          - try looking in the Force Quit dialog (Apple > Force Quit) to make sure nothing else is running, other than the Finder

          - check your account's Login Items (Preferences > Accounts >Login Items), to see if there are any web-related programs auto-running, such as iTunes Helper, etc.

          - restart Snow Leopard, to make sure no other programs are held open


          Let me know whether one of those works for your config.





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            gouki9 Level 1

            I have rebooted as well as tried force quitting the itunes helper and still no luck.  The only things I have starting at login are some mounted shares.  I installed Leopard (10.5) on a separate drive and it installed without any problem there.  I'm thinking that something in the installer is wigging out.


            *Updated: I have figured out the problem.  I started killing more items in the activity monitor until I found the right one.  I should have known this, but it turned out to be the Xmarks plugin for safari running in the background.  As soon as I stopped that, I was able to install properly.