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    Premiere CS4 Pro Hangs - Generating peak file

    MotionMaker Level 1

      Windows Vista Ultimate. Dell M1730 Intel X7900 2.8 GHz 4.0 gigs of memory  Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT with SLI off  175 Gigs available on raid for speed drive


      I basically opened 10.4 G  52 minute AVI file imported via MovieMaker. I wanted to cut two segments about 3 or four minutes.


      I can progress a bit at time before I get a not responding lockup. Once a blue screen of death.


      On the not responding I noticed the "generating peak file in lower right corner with a gold filled progress bar.


      I am doing dragging a marked clip to the sequence, two and crashed each time. Also crashed in process of finding my start and end points a few times.  Then I added a transition and crashed there as well.


      Any suggestions to do this without crashing?