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    converting video to keyframes


      Ok so basically I imported a video clip (flv) to my stage and I'm trying to convert all the frames to keyframes for further manipulation. If I try to convert any frame after the first one, into a keyframe.. it just pushes the rest of the video forward and gives me the wrong frame. In other words it just does a bunch of random stuff to mess up my clip.


      I hope this makes sense to someone. If I'm NOT able to convert all the video frames into keyframes, then I would like to know how I can at least replicate 1 still frame and paste it somewhere else. When I tried to even just do this, it once again acted screwy and gave me the first starting frame of the video, NOT the frame I chose from the middle of the clip.



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          From what I understand Flash is the wrong tool to use for this task (if "manipulating" the keyframes means something like change the color etc. of something you see on the video) then I would suggest to use either Premiere or AfterEffects (which both are able to import FLV since CS3). If you only want to do a overlay that does things like subtitles or a paralell animation to the film you showing you could use something like:


          video.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, doSomething);

          function doSomething(e:Event):void {
              switch (this.currentFrame) {
                  case 1 :
                  case 2: