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    Overlaying a PSD from Photoshop Over Video!

    jbandy Level 1

      I have a video shot where a man in the audience gets up and walks away. In the past with CS3 I have been able to export a frame of video, import that frame into Photoshop and create a still of the man who stood up (but it would be a still of him sitting down). Then I would delete the rest of the image in Photoshop, save as a psd and bring the psd back into premiere. I would put the psd over the shot of the man standing and cover up his movement while the rest of the shot plays normally.

      I tried doing this in cs4 the other day and when I brought the psd back into premiere the color didn’t quite match the video so I applied a color correction to the psd. It applied the color correction to the psd layer of the man and the video on the video layer below it. I don’t want to change the color on my video and only want to change the color on my psd to match the video.

      I have to know how to do this now! How do I fix this?