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    Problem exporting interactive pdf




      I'm using Fireworks CS4 to do an interactive wireframe/site
      documentation which I have to deliver in PDF format.


      I've been really pleased with the choice of Fireworks so far and the much-vaunted exporting
      to interactive PDF has worked without a hitch.


      BUT NOW I'm only part way through building the mockup (it's 17 pages,
      many of which are still pretty much empty) but suddenly I can't export
      to PDF any more. "A parameter is incorrect." I can still export every single individual
      page, just not all pages.


      I did read that Fireworks doesn't like exporting complicated i'active PDFs,
      but mine at 781k surely doesn't count as complicated?? I only have 4 or so
      hotspots in it so far.


      Anyone have any suggestions -- even a suggestion about how I figure out _which_
      parameter is incorrect would be much appreciated.