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    Cascading master slides don’t publish properly

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      I’ve got a client supplied ppt (v 2007) that uses cascading master slides (a child master slide with content based upon on a parent master slide). The conversion process doesn’t throw an error, it simply leaves the child master slide content out. To be honest, I was in a rush and didn’t spend any time trouble shooting, I simply exported the child master slide as a graphic and imported that graphic back into the parent, looked the same in ppt and converted without difficulty, however, if the layout had been more complex I might have been in trouble. Anyone have info on this?
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          Do you mean layout by child master?
          You can actually check whether that layout has been actually published or not.
          1. Go to data folder within output folder. All layouts (child masters) are published there with prefix "Layout". By opening those swf files, you can actually find out whether that particular layout has been published or not.
          2. If answer to point 1 is yes, you might like to check "viewer.xml" in data folder. Consider slide number x's layout was dropped. Then in the xml file look for the slides tag and go to the x numbered slide tag within this.
          2.a) There it is mentioned which master this slide is using in "master" tag and which layout it is using in "layout" tag. Then go to "layouts[masters]" tag in the xml file. There you can get the name of the layout[master] by matching the id of the layout[master] being used for this slide. Then you can check whether that layout has been published or not? If yes, is it published fine?
          2.b) There is one more information, which might be useful in "backdrop tag" for problemeatic slide which is displayBg. If this is absent or its value is false, then layout /master graphic for this slide will be dropped.

          If you have any problems, figuring out these things let me know...