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    Help Laying out nested form items & autolayout false

    flashharry! Level 1

      I have a form which is dynamically generated from externally loaded xml and data from database. I can never predict element order or type.

      Part this form design is nested forms which contain more dynamically generated form elements

      Present the user with a combo box, depending on what and if the user selects anything, we load related form elements

      Lets say you have a combo box with earth, wind and fire. The user selects earth, so we now need to display the extra elements only related to that parent selection.

      I do this using visible and include in layout, all working fine, it gets a little more complex as these nested forms can be recursive.

      The issue is these forms are and have to be nested in side the parents (combo box) form item, so when they display they look tabbed over lining up with the combo box.

      I know this is the correct behavior, but I want to bust out of that and line up with the outer forms labels so it looks like one long form.

      I have tried setting autolayout to false, tried moving horizontal, setting x, minus left padding but no joy.

      I will take any ideas at this point.