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    Publishing Question

    CRO1 Level 1

      I have a project which is published to a server. An update is required, one additional topic is necessary and will be added to the TOC.

      Do I need to re-publish the entire project, or can publish the new topic and the hhc file only?

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          Ben Minson Level 2
          Are you publishing directly from RH, or are your files published some other way? (If you publish from RH, you can set it to publish only new files and the files that have changed.)

          Publishing everything will make sure you've caught all changes. But at the very least, in addition to the files you mentioned, republish the whdata, whgdata, and whxdata folders, since RH would have made changes to the contained files based on your new topic and TOC. Don't forget any new images.

          In the output files, I've found that the HHC file in the output has less bearing on your TOC than the whtdata XML files in the whxdata folder, so I'm not sure why the HHC is included in the output.

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            CRO1 Level 1

            Thanks for the advice. I could not find with hhc file in the output folder, but when I published the topic and the folders you mentioned all went well.

            Presently, I am using FTP PRO to publish the material to an FTP site.

            Thanks for your help,
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              Ben Minson Level 2
              Must be just FlashHelp that puts the HHC file into the output files. I just looked at a set of WebHelp output files and didn't have the HHC. Screwy.
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                MergeThis Level 4
                The HHC is one of many RH project-specific source files, which do not survive the trip to "output land." Their data is transformed, as it were, into the assorted JS, HTM, and XML files in the output (at the root level as well as within the aforementioned wh* folders.

                Good luck,