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    Any Director News From Max 2009? Any News From the Director Evangelist?

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      Anything at all? For some time the hints from those “in the know” has been that Director 12 would be the glorious rebirth of the product. But visions of glory are dimming. If indeed version 12 were looking good and on schedule SOME mention at Max, or some freakin’ were, would be warranted.


      I looked at the Max Scheduler, http://max.adobe.com/scheduler , and Director isn't even in the Products list. Is Director a total and complete non-entity at Adobe’s big yearly party? Nothing? Adobe’s modus operandi of complete and total silence until a month before release is ridiculous and outdated. I mean for a company that makes so much income from producing products for the Internet they seem to have missed the whole point of “The Information Super Highway”.


      The last post I could find on the Director Game Developer List on Google Groups from the Director Evangelist was a terse "Yes. We work closely" reply to a topic about a third party; this about six weeks ago; nothing in the last couple of months at the Adobe dot com forums. Adobe may have him muzzled RE what he can actually say, but he should still be active on forums. Encouragement about the future of the product, if it indeed has one, would be appreciated. I mean just a “Share about your current Director projects” or something would be a good sign. But the silence is deafening. Mr. Partridge, how about some evangelizing?


      I don't think this is a case of "no news is good news". Others have been saying for years that Director is dead. It’s still alive (barely) but now I too fear its condition is terminal. Maybe it’s time to just pull the plug and let it die with what dignity it has left. This long lingering death is worse than a product cancellation in a way. At least then we would have an inkling of what the hell is going on.


      As for me I’ve been using Unity iPhone for the last six or so months. I have a non-iPhone project planned and this morning for the first time I thought of doing it in Unity instead of Director. I much prefer to develop in Director. I’ve really only used it for 3D for several years but its 3D tech is SO outdated. Something made in Unity will look better by several orders of magnitude. And to end users (read customers) looks are very important.


      With no promise of better things to come I’m close to dropping Director from my toolbox to my toybox. And I doubt I’m the only one.