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    Form Item Alignment Problem


      I have the following:




      <mx:FormItem label="Fixed Total Charge:"  width="100%">
                           <mx:TextInput id="fixedChg"  width="50%" />
                  <mx:FormItem width="100%" direction="horizontal" horizontalAlign="left">
                      <mx:FormItem label="Per">
                            <mx:TextInput id="perUnit" />
                      <mx:FormItem label="Fixed Per Unit Charge">
                             <mx:TextInput id="perUnitChg" />

      This will put "Per" under "Fixed total charge" text input. How can I align this so that "Per" will be under "Fixed Total Charge" instead of the textbox?
      thanks in advance.

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          rgadiparthi Level 2

          try this, is it the way you want???


                  <mx:FormItem label="Fixed Total Charge:" width="100%">
                      <mx:TextInput id="fixedChg" width="50%"/>


                  <mx:FormItem direction="horizontal" label="Per" width="100%">
                      <mx:TextInput id="perUnit"/>
                      <mx:FormItem label="Fixed Per Unit Charge">
                          <mx:TextInput id="perUnitChg"/>

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            FALCONSEYE_ Level 1

            Yes, I ended up doing this:


            <mx:FormItem width="100%" direction="horizontal">
                            <mx:FormItem label="Per" paddingLeft="-39" width="30%">
                                  <mx:TextInput id="perUnit" width="30%"/>
                            <mx:FormItem label="Fixed Per Unit Charge" width="35%" paddingLeft="-87">
                                   <mx:TextInput id="perUnitChg" width="35%"/>



            Which one do you think is a better solution from coding standards point of view?