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    RH8 HTML not launching


      Installed RH8 on a PC and it works under everyone that is logged in except the one person that needs it.  They can do a "Run As" and put in anyone from the administrator to themselves and it will work. However RH8 HTML cannot see the network to open the projects that are stored there when it is launched with "Run As".


      Rebooting, reinstalling, creating this person a new profile, none of it has fixed his problem of not being able to launch it.


      RH8 Word works fine, it's just the HTML version that's acting this way.


      Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this?

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like a permissions thing - but are you using source control? Normally it's a bad idea to have your projects stored on the server for working on - they should be worked on locally & then copied back to the server for backup purposes. However, if you've got a team working on the same project(s), then you would need some form of source control to check out the project, work on it locally & then check it back in at the end of the day.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5

            I am a little confused by your post. It sounds like you have a PC with RH installed on it that is being used by different users. Each user can logon to the PC and use RH apart from one? Your "Run As" reference is also puzzling. I have to admit to not knowing what this refers to. Run as a user? But if that user is logged on, why do you need to do this.


            The other thing worth mentioning is that you should never open up a RH project stored on a network drive. Each RH project contains a database file that is prone to all sorts of nasty problems if accessed across a network. By all means backup to a network drive but never actually use the source from there.


            Can you give us a little more detail please if I haven't hit the nail on the head!


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              C_Mibus Level 1

              Actually the PC is used by one person, but in testing I have logged various people in and they all are able to run it except the person that needs RH8 HTML on the PC.


              The person is set as an administrator on the PC, but can't run it.  Run As appears if you right click a progam and allows you to execute that program with different credentials that what you are logged on with.  Say the currently logged in person only has User or Power User rights.  You could do run as and put in the credentials of an administrator to execute it with those elevated permissions.  In this case it's the only way he can run it, but it blocks out the network drives for some reason.  This leads me to believe that RH is looking for something when it launches and it is hitting a network drive as it searches and then hanging at that point.  It shows up in Task Manager for about 3 seconds and then closes itself. The question is what could it be looking for...


              As for Source control, I know that it is a really a bad idea to open ANYTHING Adobe off the network, but I have no control over where the employees work on their projects.  I'm the IT guy, not their manager.  I can suggest they move them locally, but have been told many times over the years that it is too annoying to have to check out their files so they won't.

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                Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Does that user not have sufficient rights to the network location where the project lives? Can they log into another machine & run the project from that terminal? Just grasping at straws here...

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                  C_Mibus Level 1

                  They aren't even trying to open a project.   This is just trying to get RH8 to even open.

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                    Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It may be trying to access the internet for some licensing/activations/updates? Any restrictions on that?

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                      C_Mibus Level 1

                      Yes there's restrictions on the internet, but I don't think they would apply because I can do the run as trick to get it to work and any internet restrictions apply to any internet connections made from within the office.  So it would apply even to the account used to run the program.

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                        Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Try freeing them up for the user you're having issues with & see if that works?

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                          C_Mibus Level 1

                          It's company restrictions on the firewall and using Websense for filtering.  It applies to everyone so his restrictions are the same as the 3 people around him using it fine with no problems. And it's not possible to get them changed without alot of signatures even for testing.


                          This one has me stumped...

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                            I had the same problem...try launching RH8 from the "New Task" button on the Task Manager....