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    Where did text edit and file system export go?


      In the code view, right clicking on a source file brought up a very useful menu that I found indispensable as a programmer.  Namely, the in program text editor for the code and file system export and import features.  With the text editor I could hack in features to the Catalyst files that weren't officially supported yet.  With file system export and import, I could import my files in to an existing flash builder project, make modifications to the catalyst code in flash builder (if I needed to) and import it back in to Catalyst.  Generally, I tried to avoid modifying the catalyst code at all, but I didn't always have that option. 


      The right click menu appears to have been disabled.  What for?  These features made Catalyst usable for me.  Beta 2 may support more features, but I can't use it anymore ... I think.


      Are there acceptable substitutes in the current version to replace these hacks I was using?  Has Beta 2 introduced a better workflow that I'm unaware of? Are these features hidden somewhere else?  Is there a way to download beta 1 again?




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          fPonias Level 1

          Looks like you can do file export and import with the original, even hackier method. 

          Give the save file with the .fxp extension a .zip extension. 

          The subdirectory named src is the flash builder code you need.

          If you replace the src folder in the .zip file with the src dump from your original Catalyst Beta 1 project, it seems to load just fine.

          Still no built in text editor, but it didn't reject edits I had made with Flash Builder, unlike with Beta 1.

          Also, you don't have to keep renaming the save file every time you want to modify it.  Catalyst opens files with the .zip extension just as well.