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    Render or Transform?


      First, let me say that I have been a developer for many years, but never used Java or worked with Adobe forms before my last project, so I am very much a nubie at all this.



      I am trying to do a project that will (using Java code):


      1)      Allow the user to select a form from several on a web page.

      2)      Display the form and allow the user to fill it out.

      3)      Click a button on the form, which will make the form non-interactive and allow the user to save the form as a PDF with the data in the fields.



      I was able to do this in Adobe 7.0, using the renderForm API. The web site would open a PDF form and the 'Submit' button on the form would submit the PDF to my servlet using an XDP as the parameter.



      This worked fine, but now we have upgraded to Adobe LiveCycle server 8.2 and while I can use the 7.0 compatibility layer and make my code work, I want to do this "right" and do it using the new API's. I checked out the quick starts and now I am confused as to whether I should use "formsClient.renderPDFForm" to render the form or use "outClient.transformPDF" to flatten the form.


      I have tried both and neither seems to give me exactly what I want. Either the form doesn't show up on the web page after I fill it out and click the button or it does show up, but is still interactive.



      Any ideas on how to do this in LiveCycle 8.2 would be greatly appreciated.




      Bob M.